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Coal Stories

Each of us has our own story about why we are taking a stand against coal. We want to hear yours.

Have coal-burning power plants affected your community? What are you doing to fight back? How could others support you?

Your story is more powerful than you think. It may be the one thing that another person down the block or across the country needs to hear to get involved.

Your story can educate a person, inspire others, spread a great idea, or help you connect with someone else standing up to the coal industry. When you're done, upload a photo to go along with your story and once its approved we’ll post it to our story center. Note: it may take a little while for your story to appear on the map...that's completely normal.

Your story is more powerful than you think. Share it here.



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Now upload a picture to go with your story. Putting a face or image with your story will help people connect to your experience. You can also add a video if you\'d like...though that is optional. Once you have uploaded your picture, click submit!

After your story is approved it will be featured on this site for other people who are fighting coal across the country to see.

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If you'd like to upload your story in video form you can do that below. All videos must be posted to YouTube first. Once your video has been posted to YouTube simply copy and paste the URL into the space below.

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