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Vigil to Save the Whales

Before the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting this June, President Obama has a decision to make. He must decide whether the US will be a leader and push for reform at the meeting or step back and allow business as usual to continue. His decision will determine the fate of the planet’s whales.

The choice is simple. Being a leader means pushing for a reformed IWC that works for whales and not whalers. Business as usual means that this time next year the Japanese will again be in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary killing whales. Just like they are right now.

You can help us keep this issue front and center for the President during the lead-up to the IWC by adding your name to our “virtual” vigil to save the whales. Simply fill out your information in the form to the left and hit the ‘submit’ button. Your name will then be added to our virtual vigil map as a message to the President that you are paying attention and expect leadership at the IWC this June.

Note: It may take a little while for you name to appear on the map. 

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