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Thank Dominica for Protecting Whales

Japan has been working behind the scenes at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) trying to reestablish commercial whaling. They have been lobbying and promising lucrative deals to countries that side with Japan and vote to open up commercial whaling once again. The tiny Island of Dominica, in the Caribbean, has decided to rebuff Japan and say no to supporting their efforts to whale commercially. This makes Dominica the only East Caribbean IWC member country that does not support Japan's drive to resume commercial whaling.

In 2008 Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced, "This year the Cabinet took a decision that Dominica shall abstain on the issue of commercial whaling; we are breaking a trend that we have maintained for a number of years," adding that the decision to change the island's pattern of voting was in the best interest of the country. He repeated this again in ’09.

Take a minute to send a thank you letter to Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. He has taken a stand to protect the whales and rebuff Japan. Let's not let this good deed go unnoticed. We hope the Island of Dominica is just the first of many nations to turn their vote pro-whale. By setting a good example and getting lots of praise, other nations that currently vote with Japan at the IWC will be encouraged to follow Dominica's lead. Please help by thanking Dominica today.

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Dear Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit,

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