Tell Procter & Gamble that you're not the one cutting down forests

After nearly five years of Greenpeace's "Kleercut" campaign, Kimberly-Clark has agreed to stop wiping away ancient forests for disposable products. This is an enormous win for the North American Boreal Forest and all of the wolves, bears, caribou, and songbirds that call the forest home.

However, our work is not done. Tissue giants Procter & Gamble and Georgia Pacific have not committed to protecting ancient forests. Kimberly-Clark has proven that big companies can become big leaders in the battle to save our planet from environmental destruction, itís time others follow suit.


If Kimberly-Clark can do it, so can you! Until Procter & Gamble makes a stronger commitment to stop wiping away ancient forests for products like Bounty and Charmin, I will not support your brand. I am enclosing the label from the last Procter & Gamble product I purchased, until you make a commitment to protect Endangered Forests.
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