Just Say NO to False Solutions

Global warming is a hot topic these days. Unfortunately, that means there are all kinds of false solutions to global warming out there. In fact, many of our most recognizable decisionmakers are pushing for them, including John McCain, who hopes to be our next president.

McCain, President Bush, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich are pushing hard to open our national coastlines to oil drilling. But here’s the real truth behind drilling offshore: Seismic testing to locate oil creates decibel levels of 260 – twice as loud as an ambulance. Exposure to these levels of noise can cause disorientation, beaching, and brain hemorrhaging in whales and dolphins. Plus, offshore drilling creates an increased risk of oil spills close to our beaches and coastlines. Not to mention, whatever oil may be produced will take years to reach the market and will only serve to increase global warming impacts when it does.

Nuclear energy is another false solution you hear a lot about these days. Just recently, McCain joined the call for America to begin building new nuclear plants. But it will take at least 10 years for a new nuclear plant to be brought online, and we simply don't have time to wait – we need global warming solutions that are ready to go now, like wind and solar.

The need to address global warming means it is time to invest in renewable energy sources. Tell John McCain that if he wants to stop global warming, he needs to stop supporting false solutions and start making real change.


Don't pander to voters by pledging to lift the ban on offshore drilling along the US coastline or by saying that we need to build new nuclear plants in this country. Neither of those "solutions" will do a thing for energy prices for years to come. What's worse, offshore drilling will put our beaches, fish, and marine mammals at risk, as both the exploration and the drilling threaten our coastlines. And opening up new areas for oil exploration and drilling will only exacerbate global warming. New nuclear plants are not the answer to global warming either: it will take at least 10 years for a new reactor to come online, and we don't have that much time to wait. Plus, nuclear plants create radioactive waste and pose a serious security risk. That's why I urge you: support REAL solutions to our energy insecurity and global warming: clean, renewable sources like wind and solar.
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