Tell Congress To Keep Carbon Capture and Storage Out Of Energy Legislation

American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is fighting to keep the emphasis on coal in US energy policy. They promote “clean coal” through the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS) which is an unproven, expensive, and inefficient technology. Even worse, they want taxpayer subsidies to pay the bill.

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I am writing to express my opposition to any policies that promote or provide taxpayer subsidies for carbon capture and storage (CCS), the practice of trapping carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion and storing it below the sea or beneath the surface of the earth. As you know, global warming is one of the greatest challenges facing the planet today. To avoid the worst impacts of global warming scientists have warned that we need to reduce global warming pollution to at least 80 percent by 2050. Climate stabilization, national security and economic prosperity depend on substantially reducing our use of fossil fuels. That means no new investments in major infrastructure that increases fossil fuel dependence. Every dollar invested in CCS is a dollar unavailable for investment in renewable energy, efficient vehicles, energy efficiency and sustainably produced biofuels. CCS raises a number of serious financial, environmental and safety concerns: -- CCS cannot deliver in time. The best case scenario is that the technology would be ready by 2030. Every decision made about new power plants today influences the energy mix for the next 30-40 years. We need to make the smartest choices to address the global warming crisis and invest in proven solutions as soon as possible. -- CCS is cost intensive. It increases the cost of power generation by 40 to 80 percent compared with conventional coal plants. Current research shows electricity generated from coal equipped with CCS will be more expensive than other less polluting sources, such as, wind power and many types of sustainable biomass. -- CCS technology reduces the efficiency of power plants. Up to 30 percent more fossil fuel must be burned when CCS is used to achieve the same power output. -- CCS poses a risk of carbon dioxide leakage. Even at very low rates, leakage could undermine any climate benefit of CCS and large releases of carbon can also pose significant risk to human health. As evidenced by mountain-top removal and dangerous emissions, CCS can not make coal clean. Renewable energy sources are already available without the negative environmental impacts that are associated with fossil fuel exploitation, transport and processing. It is renewable energy together with energy efficiency and energy conservation that has to increase so that the primary cause of climate change – the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas – is stopped. I strongly urge you to oppose any policies that provide mandates or taxpayer funded incentives for CCS. Instead, we should fund clean, domestic sources of energy, energy efficiency and conservation.
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