Why use a harpoon... when you can use a Canon?

Canon is the world's number one digital camera company, and a major sponsor of wildlife initiatives, environmental groups, and efforts to save endangered species.

The CEO of a company that attracts support to its brand by associating itself with environmental issues ought to oppose lethal research whaling in the Southern Ocean.

Tell Mr. Mitarai, head of Canon Japan, that you want him to express Canon's disapproval of whaling in the Southern Ocean, and to call upon the government of Japan to use only non-lethal research methods.


I don't want to see whales being shot with anything other than a camera and I hope that you and your company agree. However, thousands of whales have been shot and killed with exploding harpoons in the Southern Ocean since the global moratorium on high seas whaling came into force in 1986. Every year the Japanese whaling fleet returns to plunder the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, under the guise of "science" in the hope that the moratorium will soon be overturned. Yet with around 4,000 tons of whale meat in storage, declining demand, and subsidized production, it is not a commercially viable activity. When this is added to the fact that whales can be studied without killing them it is a scandal that this so called "science" continues at the expense of Japanese taxpayers. Given Canon's sponsorship of environmental groups and the cause of endangered species the world over, I'm sure you share my concerns. I believe you are the ideal person to advocate for an end to this unnecessary slaughter and waste of Japanese taxpayers' money. Mister Mitarai, you are best placed among Japanese business leaders to help bring about an end to whaling in the Southern Ocean and you have a personal responsibility to safeguard the interests of Japanese businesses abroad where whaling is a liability for Japanese brands and their profitability. I am urging you to sign the following statement: "Canon is committed to building a better world for future generations, and does not support the hunting of endangered or threatened species with anything other than a camera. Canon believes the lethal whaling research program in the Southern Ocean should be ended, and replaced with a non-lethal research program." Canon says on its website that it wants to "hand over a beautiful earth for future generations." I think the earth would be incredibly less beautiful without whales. Don't you?
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