Save the Boreal Forest

The Boreal faces new and increasing threats from industrial development. Over 30 percent has already been designated for logging, energy and other development, much of it within the last decade. Millions of acres of the boreal are clearcut each year.

Less than 10 percent of Canada's boreal region is strictly protected from development, and there is no consistent application of sustainable resource development practices.

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I am concerned about the continued health of Canada’s Boreal Forest – North America’s largest still intact forest. Canada's Boreal Forest is a natural treasure of global significance whose health is critical to the survival of both people and wildlife. Logging, oil and gas development, hydropower development and mining are steadily eroding the health of Canada’s Boreal Forest. I encourage the national and all governments in Canada to ensure that the unique ecological and cultural values of the country’s Boreal Forests are sustained. The rights of Aboriginal peoples who live in and depend on this land, need to be respected and accommodated to meet this challenge. I also urge the government to protect sufficient inter-connected habitat for wide-ranging species such as woodland caribou and migratory birds – especially in the northern Boreal Forest that has yet to be allocated for industrial activities. Canada has the best opportunity of any country in the world to be a leader in forest conservation. I urge you to work with your counterparts in the other jurisdictions and with Aboriginal leaders to save this magnificent forest for future generations around the world. Sincerely yours,
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